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We are completely regulated and certified by World crypto agency and all clients’ deposits are stored offline in a cold wallet so deposits are all safe.

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Cryptospacelink a strong developed and successful crypto currency investment company with many aim and objective . Cryptospacelink was formed by a group of companies with common interest in the US and other prominent country all with the aim to enrich and build the use of crypto currency(economic development)around the globe and also use the opportunity to sell, swap, trade crypto in the crypto markets and also develop/educate traders and investors on how to grow their crypto currency buy and sucking crypto currency that have high value and good prediction and also introducing and selling coins before lunch date to give the aim high . We have many other services that serve the humanity and grow them both finically and other. Which you can check out we also work with verified crypto agency that help in get and retrieving lost crypto currency’s both the new and old but with the timing of five months and below for our service you can request to contact us for guidance note don’t make any payment and take any instructions from anyone that is not a verified company agent.

Recently on may 2015 Cryptospacelink came up with a trade solution to help those we can’t be good in trading and those we need help in crypto currency. It was developed and became part of the company service with the aim of paying 20%-50% of every investment in our plan you can also go for special investment plan as a company, individual or group which we earn according the agreement and growth level you want. Our company is not like other companies we are reliable and trusted we are known for giving to our deal. We also sale share with big crypto currency companies worldwide before its development and success in lunch in this case you can be making 100% interest every week once the coin developed by the companies is lunched in this you can make millions from just a percentage of 10% share.

We work globally and well known by most crypto traders.
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Saul Goodman

Ceo & Founder

It helped me build my financial status and it’s very much trusted

Sara Wilsson


I was introduced by a friend to try out though have lost money and coins in many trading platforms but it turned out great when I received my pay and still received.

Jena Karlis

Store Owner

I don’t invest in all crypto currency platforms because of lost I only invest with because they help build and develop your coins with little time and very trusted and reliable.

Matt Brandon


Making great interest in crypto currency looks impossible but with special plan with I made up to $60k and more within some months nothing looks impossible in thanks guys I’m so happy.

John Larson


Learning trading and combining it with our daily life won’t be easy but made everything easy faster and reliable for me.

John Larson


Thanks to the working team in doing everything possible to see the smile on people’s face.


Our Hardworking Team

We work everyday to serve you better.

Walter White

Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Jhonson

Product Manager

William Anderson


Amanda Jepson